With being in the middle of winter, chances are you may be seeing an increase in vacation home’s heating bills.

But with a few home improvements, there are ways to get vacation rental winter bills under control. Here’s a list of projects that can lower heating bills:

1. Close Air Links
Are there tiny gaps around the vacation rental windows, doors, floors, walls, ceilings or fireplace allowing cold air to seep in? By using caulk, weatherstripping, or spray foam to seal air leaks in vacation homes, there could be a 5% to 30% in potential energy savings each year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.It isn’t costly, select brands of weatherstripping sell for under $10 per unit, and a caulk gun and tube of caulk should cost less than $25.

2. Buy Window Treatments
Installing heavy drapery can prevent outside air drafts from coming into the vacation home. By keeping  draperies drawn during cold weather, it can reduce heat. loss by 10%.

3. Invest in thick area rugs
By investing in thick area rugs, vacation renters won’t have to crank up the heat to get the floors to warm up.

You can buy oversized area rugs from places such as Amazon, Wayfair and HomeGoods for a low price.

4. Seal Heating Ducts
About 25% to 40% of conditioned air is lost through leaking ducts according to Consumer Reports. So, sealing the ducts of vacation homes is recommended.

5. Add Insulation
Improperly insulated attics and floor openings can cause high heating bills. But adding insulation and closing gaps in the floor can prevent heated air escapes through the attic.

6. Have your HVAC Unit Serviced
If the vacation HVAC system is running too hard and struggling to heat up the home, it may need to be replaced. By contracting with a reputable HVAC company you can have it serviced annually to ensure it is working properly.